Style a Rosa

Style a Rosa

Whether you're off to a party or heading out to dinner you'll need a gorgeous jacket to spruce up your outfit! The Rosa Blazer is a premium dinner jacket with contrasting satin lapels and a lush velvet finish, perfect for just such an occasion. With considered details such as the black jet pocket and printed lining, these blazers are a must-have for your wardrobe!

Here at ThreadPepper we stock a wide range of Rosa Blazers in many different colours (look here for the full range), but this year we have added three new bold colours to our range. Bright coloured dinner jackets are having their moment right now and can be incredibly fashionable and eye-catching, however a bolder jacket can be harder to style into a cohesive outfit. Do you keep it classic with a white shirt and black bow, or can you add a little spice with a patterned waistcoat? We've walked you through some options to try out below:

Keep it classic:

ThreadPepper Smart Casual Men's Dinner Jacket Rosa Blazer

A classic sleek black waistcoat over a crisp white shirt will never go out of style, it is the quintessential dinner look when under a velvet blazer. The Rosa Jade Blazer and Marco Scoop Black Waistcoat make no exception to this rule, making the striking jade-green colour of this blazer stand out against all the black details. Polish off the smart, dinner ensemble with a silky black pocket square and bow tie to match.

Light and bright:

ThreadPepper Smart Casual Men's Dinner Jacket Rosa Blazer

Lighten up the traditional white and black combo by swapping out the black waistcoat for an off-white one instead. This Marco Ecru Scoop Waistcoat offsets the blue of the Rosa Sky Blazer beautifully and adds in a layer of depth not achieved by a plain white shirt alone.

Pull the colour themes through by matching the pocket square to the waistcoat and pairing the bow with the satin lapels to keep everything harmonic. A great option for if you're heading off to a white tie event as well, swap out the black bow for a white marcella bow tie instead for a sophisticated look. 

Go bold:

ThreadPepper Smart Casual Men's Dinner Jacket Rosa Blazer

The Rosa Pink Blazer is undoubtedly a statement piece; bright, punchy and bold. But don't be daunted! They key to a vivid colour like this one is to tread the line between having the rest of your outfit fighting for attention or fading into the background.

A perfect middle ground is this stunning Georgi Floral Waistcoat and Trouser which add in that hit of interest but has no big colours to fight the blazer. The button detailing being in a harmonious colour with the velvet of the jacket, these garments were meant to be worn together. Blend the shirt into the background by keeping it black and adding a subtle black satin bow tie and pocket square to keep it all melodious. 

Ditch the waistcoat:

ThreadPepper Smart Casual Men's Dinner Jacket Rosa Blazer

The full three piece look with a waistcoat isn't to everyone's taste and the Rosa Blazer has such versatility that it can look great without. If you're looking for a relaxed formal outfit then opting for an open-necked, button-down shirt can be the best way to go. A good option for these brighter colours is to stick with a black shirt to enhance the blazer's bold colours. 

Choose a neutral cravat to finish off the neckline - we love this Charcoal Paisley Cravat which accompanies the Georgi Floral Trouser beautifully. Add the matching pocket square to finish off this slightly more unusual dinner look. 

Sleek but casual:

ThreadPepper Smart Casual Men's Dinner Jacket Rosa Blazer

Or perhaps you're not a fan of the typical dinner look? Throw tradition out of the window instead if you're heading for a more casual event this winter. With a fine black roll neck in place of a shirt and bow, you won't be overshadowed by anyone else at the event. Keep a smart pair of trousers on to balance out the look and you'll have a pared back yet refined smart-casual look!

All the looks here have been styled over a pair of Georgi Black Floral Trousers for an injection of pattern and interest. Not your style? Why not try the Marco Black Trousers for a pared back look instead?

So from the hallmarks of a traditional dinner look, through bright and punchy patterns or by embracing the casual side there is a style and a colour for everyone! These top tips were inspired by the bold new colours we have just launched but they are definitely applicable to the colours we already stock! If you're drawn to the deeper colours then you can find our whole range here>

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