Styling the Anton Look

Styling the Anton Look

It can be hard to find the perfect look, even when you've found an item of clothing that you really like. Sometimes a little push in the right direction is useful for finding those perfect matches and getting the look just right. 

This Anton Lovat Jacket is a stunning example of a premium piece that could be tricky to style. Do you opt for the full three pieces to get the full impact of the rich Lovat and Red colours, or do you dress it down with complementary separates that will frame the jacket in it's best light? We have put together some ideas below to help you choose and find those perfect pairings. 


Option 1: The 3 piece suit
Anton Suit

The only way to fully celebrate this vibrant Lovat fabric, with its wine red check running through it, is to go all out. The Anton Waistcoat and Trousers in the same beautiful fabric finishes the look and completes the suit.

If you want to keep the feel of the suit, but don't want the tradition of the tie and chain then modernise the look with roll neck jumper like above. Stick to the darker tones to emphasise the bold colour of the suit and add a little flair with a more audacious pocket square. An ideal match for this jacket is the Starburst Silk pocket square in a luxurious red silk print, to continue the red theme throughout.


Option 2: Dress it up
Anton Jacket with the Cherry Red Tie and Pocket Square

A full suit is never complete without a tie though, go for a Cherry Red tie for a lovely accompaniment to the deep red check of the suit fabric. You can be more adventurous with a waistcoat chain for the fully cultivated look, and add a matching pocket square to complete the feel of the look.

Don't forget to add a dazzling pair of shoes - this is an element that's easily missed! Nothing ruins an outfit more quickly than an old or drab pair of shoes. The key with this suit will be to add a bit of shine, stick to the tan leather to to match the jacket. Throw in a bit of broguing to elevate the look, like with these Merton Tan Shoes


Option 3: Dress it down! 
Anton Jacket dress down look

It can be nice to wear a smart jacket, but you don't always want to wear it formally. Try dressing down the Anton jacket by adding some stone-coloured chinos instead. These will work with the colour of the jacket, but sit in the background, allowing the check pattern of the jacket to stand proud. Add to this a white shirt or polo shirt, and a crew-neck jumper to keep the autumn chills at bay. 

Last but not least, a chelsea boot in a dark rust-brown colour will polish off your outfit. The high tops allow your chino that slight wrinkle that can be so hard to achieve, but make all the difference in dressing down. 


And there you have it, three ways of wearing the show stopping Anton jacket. Now you can enjoy this striking check in all manner of situations, dressing it up or down to match your style with all the hints and tips you need to keep your outfit on point. 


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