Christmas Fairisle Braces Clip-On Braces

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SKU br34192

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If Santa wore novelty braces, these are the ones he'd wear. Probably. We haven't actually asked. Anyway, little reindeer, snowflakes and turtle doves adorn a navy backdrop on these braces, and silver clips and sliders finish them off.

Let's be realistic though, these are novelty braces, so they're designed for fun rather than day to day wear like our other braces. But, they're pretty nifty, very quirky, and will keep your trousers up long after the turkey's gone down!

One Size, Adjustable Length.

Approx Size:
Width: 1.5" (35mm)
Shortest Length: 29" (73.5cm)
Longest Length: 44" (111.5cm)


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