Doctor Who Mustard Yellow Button Braces

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Replica of Jodie Whittaker's iconic mustard yellow braces!

(A clip-on version is also available)

Braces are elasticated webbing with tan leather ends in front and one at back with gilt coloured slide adjusters to change lengths. The braces are Y backed and the crossover piece at the rear is tan leather. Elasticated webbing from Belgium with everything else, including final workmanship, all British.

One Size, Adjustable Length.

Approx Size:
Width: 1.5" (38mm)
Shortest Length: 29" (73.5cm) including the leather ends.
Longest Length: 46" (117cm) including the leather ends.

(Braces lengths are measured in one line from end to end. The stretch fabric of these braces allows for an additional 2 or 3 inches in length when worn.)


This product is a replica or similar to the original, intended for cosplay and fancy dress use. It is not official merchandise and the use of character names is for ease of use only and not intended to imply otherwise.

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