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We know shopping for men's clothes can often be difficult, not just when it comes to sizing, but also finding the right quality at the right price. So at THREADPEPPER we do the work for you, by sourcing quality menswear at fair prices that we test and try ourselves, so you can shop in absolute confidence knowing you're only getting the very best.

About this test:
In this product test, we're looking at our range of Cotton Cravats.

First Impressions:
The cravats arrive nicely packaged in a clear polythene branded bag. The colours really stand out, and the whole presentation is really smart. The cotton is quite soft, but solid, so it should keep its shape well. Overall the first impression is very good.

In Detail:
The key characteristic of these cravats is that they're all cotton. That makes the range of designs and colours considerably larger than other fabrics like silk, and also means the quality for the price value is very high. I wasn't too sure about how soft and comfortable the cotton would be once tied, but that soon changed when I tried them on. The weight of the cotton varies slightly between different designs, but nothing really that changes the feel of them in any significant way. I love that the designs are so different to the normal cravat patterns we see,

The cotton cravats seem to hold their shape really well once tied, so you're probably not going to need to do a lot of adjusting to keep that suave look going. The pattern is the same on both sides so there's no chance of any backing fabric peering out if that's something that bothers you.

These cravats are all made in THREADPEPPER's own workshop in England, and the finish is exemplary. This is definitely a quality product, and a bargain at the price when you consider some imported silk cravats sell at three times as much. They've been really popular with our first customers and I can see why.

A really big advantage of cotton cravats is that they can be washed. The cotton has been wash tested to ensure there's no shrinkage and the colour stays fast, and I tested it on a cool machine wash for delicates (30 degrees) and let it hang dry and it was fine. A cool iron while it was slightly damp brought it right back to life. Tumble drying will probably shrink it and a hot iron will scald it, so avoid those!

Overall Verdict:
I really like these cotton cravats. They're colourful, beautifully designed, well made and easy to maintain, and such a great price. It just makes it so easy to build up a wonderful collection throughout the year. I'm trying to think of a reason to mark them down, but quite frankly I can't, so I'm giving the cotton cravats a well-deserved 5/5! 

Product: Cotton Cravats
Tested by: Gary
Date: 20/03/2021