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We know shopping for men's clothes can often be difficult, not just when it comes to sizing, but also finding the right quality at the right price. So at THREADPEPPER we do the work for you, by sourcing quality menswear at fair prices that we test and try ourselves, so you can shop in absolute confidence knowing you're only getting the very best.

About this test:
In this product test, we're looking at our range of Italian Silk Cravats.

First Impressions:
These cravats are very eye-catching, the colours are vibrant, the patterns really intricate. They feel good to the touch, nice and soft, but still sturdy, probably due to the cotton backing. Which although won't be public facing, is really nice. They're packaged in a clear bag and sealed with a branded sticker which looks really smart if you're giving it as a gift.

In Detail:
The front of the cravat is Italian silk. This is imported from Italy into the UK where it is made into cravats and backed by cotton for extra strength. The cotton is actually an interesting addition, as it resolves a couple of issues we've had with all-silk cravats in the past, that they slip and won't keep their shape when tied. The cotton backing solves this beautifully, and it's also really comfortable to wear, so I'm a big fan of this combination now.

One thing to note is that these cravats are an average length, which is spot on for the way they're meant to be tied. If you're used to all-silk cravats which might be longer, and which you tie in a knot before making the cravat shape, then these will be too short for that. But as I said, you won't need the knot as the cravat doesn't slip like an all-silk sometimes does.

The quality of the cravats is very high. The sewing and finish is excellent, and they look very smart when worn. There's definitely an air of distinction about them, and I can see them being a core part of any collection.

The cravats do need to be dry cleaned if you get any marks on them. I have tried handwashing one in cool water, and then left it to hang dry, and it survived and mostly kept its shape after some cool ironing. But I wouldn't recommend it. Probably best just to not get it dirty in the first place!

Overall Verdict:
I'm going to give the Italian Silk Cravats 4.5/5 stars. It just misses out on full marks because I personally prefer something a little more lightweight, but that is just my personal preference, and not in any way a reflection on the superb design and quality of these fine cravats. Whether you're a first time cravat wearer, or a seasoned pro, I can very confidently say you will absolutely love these.

Product: Italian Silk Cravats
Tested by: Gary
Date: 17/03/2021