We test our products so you don't have to!

We know shopping for men's clothes can often be difficult, not just when it comes to sizing, but also finding the right quality at the right price. So at THREADPEPPER we do the work for you, by sourcing quality menswear at fair prices that we test and try ourselves, so you can shop in absolute confidence knowing you're only getting the very best.

About this test:
In this product test, we're looking at our range of Shoes & Boots.

First Impressions:
These shoes look absolutely stunning, far better than I expected after just seeing the photos. They arrived wrapped in branded tissue paper in a nice looking shoe box, but it's when they're unwrapped that they really do show off just how beautiful they are. I'm really pleased, I've been looking for new shoes that really stand out, so I can't wait to get stuck into them. I'm testing two pairs of shoes and two boots, and so far the design and quality is consistent throughout. Really good start!

In Detail:
I've gone for my normal size shoe and the initial fit is spot on. They don't come in half sizes, so if you're normally a half size you may need to round up. If you normally wear thick socks then definitely round up, but with regular thin cotton socks the standard size will work just fine.

I'm trying tan shoes and boots with dark jeans and chinos. First of all they've got a huge thumbs up from the wife-o-meter, and I'll tell you what, they look very smart! They're also really comfortable straight out of the box, of course they need a bit of wearing in so I wouldn't go for a 5 mile hike straight away, but if you've just got them and want to wear them for a meal out tonight, absolutely. 

The soles vary across the different shoes and boots, some have a wooden sole, others rubber, or mixed, but I didn't have any problem with them feeling slippy, even though the soles look quite smooth. The one pair I've been wearing consistently for the last week now is nicely worn, I've had a lot of compliments, and I feel really good wearing them.  

Just a note on the Chelsea boots. The pair I'm testing is a bit of a tight fit initially, this is normal with Chelsea boots to stop them flapping around the ankle if they're too big, so although they will definitely wear to the right size, I might be inclined to go up a size just on them. The pair I've got have a zip down the side instead of the elastic ankle, but it's still a bit tight. It's wearing better after a few days, but it's just something to think about. 

Everything seems really good quality, they're well made and sturdy, and they're incredible value for the price. A couple of them came with spare laces too, which is a nice touch. Very impressed.

Overall Verdict:
I've got four pairs of these shoes now, and I'm absolutely delighted with all of them. The styling is exquisite, they really do make you gasp when you first see them, and they're very comfortable to wear. I'm struggling to find any reason to mark them down, so I'm not going to, and I give them a hugely deserved 5/5. I'm that confident you'll be as wowed by them as I am!

Product: Shoes & Boots
Tested by: Gary
Date: 15/01/2021