6 Must Have Shoes

6 Must Have Shoes

There are a huge range of shoes that are available to the discerning man and most come in such a range of colours that there are so many options for you to choose from. However with so many options to choose from, it can be hard to find the right shoes! Why is it that we feel we have nothing to wear on our feet when we probably have at least 6 pairs of shoes waiting for us by the front door? 

The trick, paradoxical as it seems, is to pare back your options. Stick to a few pairs of staple shoes and then have one or two more exciting options. By keeping the shoes simple and choosing a few versatile pairs, you will be able to match up your shoes to your styles. That way, you can pick your favourite outfits and get a spectacular extra pair of shoes to complement that particular look, and you still won’t be stuck for choice.

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Perhaps the most versatile of shoes the Oxford shoe is inherently smart, but this lends itself to many functions. The closed top of the Oxford shoe with it's characteristic minimal finishes and lace up design. This shoe is perfect for work, weddings or a smart dinner event. 


As many might know the phrase ‘Oxford not Brogues’, the common misconception is that ‘Brogues’ are a type of shoe in themselves. The truth is that broguing (the design of perforated leather edging found on many shoes) can be added to almost any shoe. Although seen by some as less formal than plain shoes, the brogue design can add a lovely dimension to a traditional shoe and leave you with a truly stunning pair of shoes


Especially in the cold, winter months, a sturdier boot might be quite welcome. Traditionally chunkier and heavier than a traditional shoe, you can get boots in almost any style these days. The laces on a boot can seem to take an age to loosen as there is such a large area that needs loosening, so a good idea is to find a pair like these boots with zips on the inside of the foot to allow for ease of wear. 

Chelsea boots:

The slightly more relaxed version of a formal boot is the Chelsea boot. With their characteristic elasticated panels the Chelsea boot is a good option for a slightly more casual event, although it is gaining popularity in the working world these days. A very comfortable fit, these shoes are a great day-to-day option.


Sometimes in the summer months, the thought of putting on a heavy boot with layers and socks, just seems like the worst option - loafers are here to correct that. With their low cut uppers, these shoes look great without socks and will complement a wide variety of smart casual looks, from business casual to wedding chic. 


The ever-increasing popularity of trainers is a hard trend to avoid. They are so handy just to pop on for a quick outing, for a relaxed evening or simply to nip down to the shops in; and they can be pretty stylish if you choose the right ones! Opt for a refined pair of suede or leather trainers and be sure to class up your top half and trainers will work for you. 

Get these 6 staple shoes onto your porch and at the ready for any event, and you'll never be stuck for choice again! Click through to find all of our shoes here>

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