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Designed for style and practicality, these mens winter coats really are the best of both worlds.

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Mens Winter Coats

A fine quality and beautifully styled mens coat can really make a man's smart casual outfit. That sweeping effect as you walk, knowing you're not only warm and protected from the elements, but you look really good too. That's what these winter coats were designed to do.

Choosing the right coat depends largely on what you need it for. Although most mens coats are quite functional in that they keep out the cold and to some extent the rain, there are also style implications to consider. Do you want a long 3/4 length coat, or a short jacket style coat for example? Much of that comes down to personal preference as they both can be worn with more formal suits and more casually.,

A trench coat is traditionally a long length double breasted coat often with a belt, although it's often used interchangeably now just as a long coat. It can be used as an overcoat with a suit or just smart casual, so it's quite versatile.

An overcoat does pretty much what it says, that it is worn over other winter clothing. That makes it pretty every coat, so an overcoat can be short or long length and pretty much any style, bomber jackets and puffer jackets excluded.

A topcoat is a slightly lighter weight overcoat, sometimes a bit shorter, that can be used in cool evenings or with smart casual wear or a suit. It's a smart, versatile coat that works in all weathers although a warm winter overcoat is probably better for the really cold days.