Feeling Invincible?

Feeling Invincible?

When most people think of a pinstripe suit, they think of endless business meetings and the same-old 9-5 grind. But the truth is that these classy suits have so much versatility and can be styled in a huge number of ways. New in to us at ThreadPepper is the premium three piece Invincible suit, a perfect example of a high-quality pinstripe suit. So we've taken the opportunity to share with you some styling ideas to make the most of this new opportunity.


Wear it to work:
A pinstripe suit is nonetheless a workplace staple, a classic you can't go wrong with. Smart and sophisticated, the combination of the rich grey-blue Invincible suit, and a crisp white shirt will never fail to be a suitable look for the office. Keep all three pieces of the suit for the full impact of the striped fabric, add a punchy coloured tie and matching pocket square. 
An outfit isn't complete without a gorgeous shoe to finish the ensemble. These Ashmoor Tan Boots pack the punch with a heavy broguing and premium tan leather finish, they make the perfect accompaniment to the look. 
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Heading out for drinks?:
Smart casual Invincible suit styling

If you're going straight to work from your workplace to an evening do then no need to panic or rush home for a quick change! Such is the versatility of the suit that to  transition from meetings to drinks all you need to do is remove the tie and waistcoat leaving the jacket and trousers to smarten it up, and the open-necked shirt to show your lighter side. Go for a softer blue shirt in this case and add an exceptional pair of loafers to polish the look.

If the event is more formal, you may want to add a subtly-coloured cravat under the neckline of the shirt and add a matching pocket square to elevate the outfit. 

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Relax the look:

Consider the items as separates to pair the look back for a dress down Friday, or an informal lunch at the weekend. Using the Invincible jacket is a great way to tidy up a silky black roll neck and heavy denim ensemble. This Karris roll neck has a hint of a rich brown edging the jumper, so pair it with a similarly rich brown boot to fully polish this cosy autumn look. 

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A casual look with the Invincible trouser

If it's the trousers you love then be sure to throw a white shirt and navy jumper over the top to keep off the chill. Opt for some smart white trainers for a stylish lift to the outfit, and keep a navy overcoat on hand for the blustery winter outings!

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So whether you are looking to keep tradition alive and dazzle in the workplace, or you're looking to liven up your sunday lunch, this aptly entitled 'Invincible' suit will have you feeling that way regardless of the occasion!

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