What Should I Wear to the Races?

What Should I Wear to the Races?

These days there a wide range of outfits that 'could' be worn to the races, from smart/casual jeans all the way through to full smart attire. The outfit choice is largely dependant on which race you are attending, the weather on the day or even the time of year. But one thing is universal to all these events: the races presents a chance to dress up and wear something out of the ordinary.

For some meetings (especially a weekday meeting) a smart casual look is definitely the best look, and this is often compounded by the January weather. When it comes to the bigger race meets then often a smarter look is the order of the day - some racecourses even have dress codes so make sure to check before you choose your outfit. We've put together some of our favourite outfits for the January races below for you to have a browse through: 

Can I wear tweed to the races?

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A great option for the races in January is to opt for a tweed suit, whether that's seen with a Jacket and complimentary trousers or (as above) with a Gaston two-piece suit. A clean finish with a crisp white shirt and brightly coloured tie is a neat and tidy look which will never go amiss at the races, and the weight of the tweed fabric will lend a modicum of warmth to the outfit which will be welcome! 

Play it safe with a pair of sturdy boots to finish off and create a stylish and highly-practical polish to your outfit. If the rain starts to come down, you'll definitely be grateful for them. A muted dark-brown boot is a versatile choice, just remember to match the leather colours if you choose to wear a belt.

Can I wear bright colours to the races?

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A more modern, but no less popular, favourite choice for the races comes in this Elwood Suit with it's subtle houndstooth checked patterning. Always a stunning suit when seen in the full three pieces, this is a strong choice of outfit. Being slightly lighter in weight and colour, the Elwood boasts a wider range of versatility when it comes to accessories so could be a good option if you like to wear bright ties or cravats. 

The bright yellow of the tie and dress scarf here is a confident accompaniment to the refined colours of the suit's fabric, and a dress scarf can be the perfect way to elevate an outfit. We think that the best way to complete an Elwood look is always to add a tan shoe, with the tawny colour of the leather accenting the rich, tan check that runs throughout the fabric. 

What about wearing a checked suit to the races? 

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Especially when combined with a resplendent herringbone tweed, a check can make for the perfect race outfit. A tried and tested choice is to stick to the classic brown tweed suit in all three of its pieces, although if you're feeling like a change then why not switch out the waistcoat for something a little different? 

The Albert suit here, goes so well with the deep blues of the Roman Overcoat which can be a lifesaver as the temperature drops in the evening! Take the opportunity to wear a gorgeous shoe as well and match your coat with the Bosworth Navy Boots. Polish off with a few brightly coloured accessories to lift the look and you have a can't-go-wrong outfit to wear all winter! 

Can I wear jeans to the races? 

As we mentioned above jeans could be suitable for some events, however they reduce the chance to dress up and celebrate the occasion. If you're wanting a more casual look then why not follow the trend of replacing the shirt with a roll neck jumper? This look can lend you an extra layer of protection against the elements and has largely been accepted into the smart casual bracket. 

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While not acceptable for the more formal echelons of racewear, this Radika suit with a black Karris roll neck allows you to enjoy the event of dressing up, without the need for a shirt and tie. The wonderfully monochromatic outfit goes well with many shoes and a wide range of accessories so you have plenty of room to make it your own! 


These are just a few of our favourite outfits that could be worn to the races, but there are so many to choose from! Whether your wanting to stand apart from the crowd or you are just wanting an easily wearable suit then we have something for you!

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