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A good winter jacket really pays off when the cold really hits. Opt for a short puffer jacket... + Read more

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Mens Winter Jackets

There's an increasing amount of choice when it comes to mens winter jackets. These days it's not uncommon to have 2 or 3 different jackets to account for different weathers and occasions, which makes sense as a puffer jacket and bomber jacket are more suitable to a casual environment than a work suit for example.

A puffer jacket is one of the most common of winter jackets nowadays, and it's not hard to see why. The superb warmth a puffer jacket provides means it protects against even the most unpleasant weather, but doesn't require numerous layers to be effective. Mens puffer jackets can be thin or thick, but both are effective. The thicker jacket is obviously warmer but also bulkier, so it's worth trying both.

Bomber jackets are a short warm jacket in the style of a puffer jacket but with less puff! In some cases they don't have any filling so are suited for less cold days or just indoor wear. They're still quite casual but can be worth with smart casual wear and some layers like a jumper.

Parka jackets are the big beast of the mens winter jacket collection. Long like a coat (which is why they're also called parka coats), they usually have a warm furry lining and a thick hood, ensuring maximum protection against the cold and snow. Parka jackets can be worn with a shirt and jumper or as an overcoat with a suit and are a must have in your winter wardrobe.