Caridi Brown Styling

Styling the Caridi Brown

A brown suit is often overlooked as boring, old-fashioned or downright ugly. It makes most think of the dated muddy tweeds of a stuffy old mansion, or perhaps a poorly conceived take on a pinstripe suit that looks better suited to a banker from the turn of the 20th century than an up-to-date fashion. While it can be true that an ill fitting suit, with a wide tie and briefcase in hand is just a recipe for disaster, find your suit in a more modern, tailored cut and suddenly something interesting happens.

The House of Cavani already supply us here at Threadpepper with a gorgeous suit called the ‘Caridi’, which has previously come in a creamy-beige, sky-blue or deep-olive colour. This year they have released something new to add to their premium collection in a subtly checked fabric; the resplendent Caridi Brown 3 piece suit. This is a perfect example of the promise that is to be found in a brown suit, with all the hallmarks of what is needed to coax this suit into the 21st century. Excited by this opportunity to re-animate the joy to be had, we have collated some fresh ideas on how to style this gorgeous suit below:

Celebrate the suit:

 ThreadPepper Smart Casual Mens Menswear Men's Styling Outfit

Don’t turn your nose up at this suit in it’s entirety! Most people might consider the full 3 pieces to be the source of the old fashioned air to a suit, but this couldn’t be further from the truth! The key is to add some punch. 

Hit it with a vivacious cherry red tie and matching pocket square for a striking contrast and addition of colour to the crisp white shirt that this suit needs underneath it. Continue the cherry red theme with these stunning Rome Shoes that bring the whole look together in harmony. Mirroring the tonal variance in the jacket itself, the burnished brogue and contrast laces help to tie enhance the full collection. 

Mix and match: 

 ThreadPepper Smart Casual Mens Menswear Men's Styling Outfit

The beauty of having this gorgeous suit in many different colours, is that you can mix and match the pieces for an incredible look. Try layering the Caridi Beige Waistcoat under the Caridi Brown Jacket for an interesting look. Add the trousers to keep the theme smart, keep the crisp white shirt as the base layer. 

The sapphire details are echoed throughout this look, from the lapel pin, to the buttons of the waistcoat. Emphasise these with a spotty pocket square to match, and a stunning pair of Bosworth Boots. These premium new boots have a high-quality leather brogue, set over a navy suede insert for an interesting and varied look. They’re a perfect accompaniment to this full look. 

Mix and relax:

 ThreadPepper Smart Casual Mens Menswear Men's Styling Outfit

Relax the mixed look by keeping the beige waistcoat, but adding a pair of classically blue denim jeans. These Milano Blue Jeans come with a hint of stretch for full comfort and a rich blue that will match the accents from the jacket and waistcoat. A more casual look, keep a sympathetic pocket square in your jacket to pull all the themes together and stop any one item from looking out of place. 

An outfit is never complete without a great pair of shoes, and these Moriarty Tan Boots are no exception to that rule! The vibrant tan leather with a delicate brogued border is complemented by the navy stretch panels that allow for ease and comfort in this boot, and handily finish the navy theme that runs throughout. 

Mix it up:

 ThreadPepper Smart Casual Mens Menswear Men's Styling Outfit

The beauty of a neutral coloured jacket is the vast plethora of styling options that are available to you. Throw out the full-suit look and why not try adding in some show-stopping trousers in a snowy-grey check design which accentuate the rich brown tones of the jacket, and add a nice mirror of detail for the lapel chain that comes with these jackets.  

The Karris Black Roll Neck jumper that we have styled it with here has a perfect brown detail across the edge of the cuffs and around the neck line which makes it a harmonious match for this jacket. Polish off the ensemble with a stunning pair of Leather Boots and you have a well rounded look that celebrates this wonderful colour. 

So enjoy this sumptuous new suit whether you're looking for an all out tailored look or a more casual iteration, it can work for you! We think that with the right styling, a brown suit is a definite wardrobe staple so why not spruce up your attire with a refreshing change from the classic grey and blue. Loving the Caridi suit? Find the full range of colours here> 

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