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Is an Overcoat Smart Casual?

What is an Overcoat? At the very core of its definition, an overcoat is just a long, warm coat. Traditionally an overcoat would extend below the knee, but anything below the waist (usually sitting around mid-thigh) is usually included in the definition. So as long as it can warm the body somewhat and is worn as the outer-most layer of clothing then it qualifies!

As you may expect, this encompasses a huge range of coats! From those classic tailored coats with a notched lapel and often a double breasted front, to some of the more modern puffers and Parker jackets, there is a huge range to choose from so some are bound to fall within the realms of smart casual dress. 

Choosing the perfect overcoat:

Most overcoats will need a bit of persuasion before they sit firmly in the ‘smart casual’ dress category. The key in nailing this tricky clothing mode is all in the details of how you style the outfit. To layer a tailored coat over a traditional jacket and shirt will inevitably leave you stranded in the formal region. But to take a more relaxed coat style and add a t-shirt and jeans could damp any spark of smartness coming through an outfit. Hit the sweet spot with some of our ideas below:

The Roman Camel Overcoat:

A truly stunning coat, you should never be without a hint of camel in your autumn wardrobe and this premium wool blend coat is a perfect example of why. The notched lapel and exposed buttons all work together to produce the quintessentially classic ‘overcoat’, and it also comes in Black, Navy, Azure Blue and Slate - a colour for everyone! 

Reduce the risk of this coat feeling too formal by adding a rust-orange crew neck jumper over a white open-necked shirt to relax the feel of the outfit. A heavy blue jean will help to keep the seasonal chill off and provide a deeper contrast colour to balance out the look. Opt for a statement tan boot with a confident brouging design to lift the sense of sophistication of the whole ensemble. 

The Michigan Slate Overcoat:

ThreadPepper Smart Casual Mens Menswear Men's Styling Outfit

With zips galore, the Michigan offers a fresh perspective on an overcoat. With plenty of hardware on view, this coat with its technical clip across sleeve detailing and removable hood will need a more formal base to wrench it from the grip of the fully casual. 

Add a tailored trouser in a navy blue and a bold check to throw some pattern into the outfit and to highlight the confident blue lining of the jacket, and a matching waistcoat will polish off the ensemble. A light blue shirt for a bit of contrast will work well with a sapphire blue tie and a brown shoe will finish this look off but remember to keep the leather dark so as not to clash.

The Fairlop Navy Overcoat:

ThreadPepper Smart Casual Mens Menswear Men's Styling Outfit

 A premium coat with a distinctly classy feel, this Fairlop Navy Overcoat has enough weight behind it to keep you warm this winter. With clean notched lapels and vibrant, contrast lining, a beautiful navy coat brings much styling versatility with it. 

Match top to bottom by adding these stunning Bosworth Boots with their navy suede inserts to complement the overcoat. Lighten up in between with some steel-blue chinos, a pale grey jumper over a white shirt and add a hit of colour with a bright scarf. Keep it on theme with this Blue Reversible Check scarf that captures the essence of the blue and shakes it up with a rich mossy-green. 

The Nelson Black Coat:

ThreadPepper Smart Casual Mens Menswear Men's Styling Outfit

A true wardrobe staple, a black wool coat should never be missing from your sartorial arsenal. The Nelson Coat brings a fresher take to the classic overcoat style with a row of topstitching edging the lapel and a slash pocket. The clean cut of the coat allows for a great range of outfit choices while still remaining smart casual with the stitch detailing. 

You can add a pop of colour to a more restrained outfit with a Reversible Burgundy Scarf and cherry red shoe to brighten the whole ensemble. A matching black roll neck jumper such as this Karris fine knit will keep you looking polished and feeling warm, with a pair of denim jeans to finish off the look. 

So regardless of the coat that you decide to go for, there will be a style out there for you. Make sure you pair it well if you want to hit the Smart Casual brief and you'll be keeping warm and looking sharp all winter long! Find our full range of stunning coats here>

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