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Mens Scarves

A man's scarf is often an underestimated accessory, used more for comfort than for statement. We'd like to change that, and this collection of fine silk scarves for men in particular does just that, with bright colours and eye-catching designs.

Of course there are times when tradition is required. A dress scarf for example in black or white silk is standard for evening wear, but aside from that use the opportunity to display some character and flair by choosing a scarf that stands out. Paisley patterns are great for this and always generate positive comments.

Besides the obvious practicalities of a neck scarf for men, that is to keep you warm, think also about what you're wearing it with. The pin dot navy and burgundy silk scarves always go well with a suit, whereas a patterned cotton scarf is better suited to a more casual outfit. In the end, it's best to have a couple of different scarves so no matter the weather you have a scarf that works for you.