Dinner Jackets

Dinner jackets  are amongst the smartest and most eye catching of jackets, often available as velvet or tuxedo... + Read more

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Mens Dinner Jacket

A dinner jacket is the feature piece of a man's outfit for more formal events. Often worn as part of a dinner suit which might include black trousers and shoes, which are more standard than the dinner jacket itself.

Your choice of dinner jackets is much more interesting than the rest of the suit. For a start, in many cases you can add colour, unless it's specifically a black tie event. Outside of requiring a black dinner jacket, the next popular options are navy, red and green. In some cases a white dinner jacket will be specifically required.

One of the most popular options is a velvet dinner jacket, in particular the black velvet tuxedo jacket. This combines the best of black tie with classic velvet dinner jackets, which also come in subtle colours and bold full colour. This is why the choice of mens dinner jacket is so much fun.