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A suit jacket no longer requires the rest of the suit, although that is still a great option.... + Read more

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Mens Suit Jacket

A suit jacket has become an almost staple menswear piece, certainly when it comes to smarter wear. Much greater choice of design and style has accompanied that trend, to the point that the distinction between a suit jacket and a blazer is increasingly blurred.

Typically a suit jacket is what it says it is, a jacket that is part of a suit. The distinction comes however on that the jacket can also be worn on its own with chinos for example, suddenly creating a smart casual outfit from what was once a fairly formal attire. This opens so many possibilities and variations of jacket and trouser combinations.

Your starting point is to look for a suit jacket that fits with whatever else you're wearing to the event, or indeed if it's just for everyday wear. You'll also want to consider where else it can be worn so it becomes more useful. Most jackets are pretty good for mixing and matching so don't get too stuck on that. Just find something that looks great and give it a go.